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You're Going To Do WHAT To My Eyes???? Part 2

Every time you go to the eye doctor for your yearly eye exam you will go through a few pre-tests before you’re seated in the exam room. One of those tests is called autorefraction. This test checks two things:

  1. The first thing it checks is your prescription. While this test is being performed you will see one of a few images- some are of a hot air balloon and some are of a farmhouse. The image will go in and out of focus. From this test we can get a starting point for your prescription and we can work from there to find the best prescription for your eye. Your prescription can be determined without this test, but we do this to help streamline the process.

  2. The second part of this test is the keratometer reading. It reads the curvature of your eye and helps the doctor fit the best contacts for your eyes. It also helps the doctor properly correct the astigmatism.

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