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Introducing Nanodropper Adaptor

Choice Eye Center Brings Cost-Saving Nanodropper Adaptor to Patients, Saving 70% On Medication Costs

New partnership offers patients access to the Nanodropper Adaptor, eliminating prescription medication waste and resulting in meaningful cost savings

Draper, Utah, March 2022 – Nanodropper, a patient-centered, volume-reducing adaptor for eyedrop bottles, and Choice Eye Center, vision therapy and vision care center, today announced a new partnership bringing the Nanodropper Adaptor device to Choice Eye Center patients throughout southern Salt Lake County area.

According to well documented research, prescription eyedrop bottles release drops that are five times too large for your eye to absorb, resulting in patients often wasting 80 percent of the medication in the bottle. The Nanodropper eyedrop bottle adaptor is designed based on decades of research to achieve an ideal-sized eyedrop just large enough for the eye to absorb, tripling the number of drops per bottle and demonstrating the effectiveness of smaller eyedrops versus the current oversized drops.

“We are proud to partner with Choice Eye Center to provide access to the Nanodropper Adaptor for their patients, further breaking down barriers standing between patients and eye drop treatment adherence,” said Mackenzie Andrews, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Nanodropper. “We’ve recognized the true impediments to patients receiving proper eye care are cost, running out of the prescription ahead of schedule, and lack of education on the importance of the eyedrop medication. As organizations like Choice Eye Center adopt new devices like the Nanodropper, we are addressing each of those barriers to bring patients eyecare that is cost effective and eliminates waste.”

The Nanodropper Adaptor is the only FDA-listed product of its kind on the market and is in use by thousands of patients in the U.S. and around the world. Choice Eye Center will carry and distribute the Nanodropper Adaptor and patients will now have access to use the device with their medication.

“The Nanodopper Adaptor not only alleviates the convenience obstacle many patients face having to make frequent trips to the pharmacy for early prescription refills, but also significantly reduces a cost burden for patients on a fixed income juggling expensive medication costs. A complex device with a simple solution: reducing the volume per drop,” said Katrina Wahlquist, Assistant Manager. “Our patients will now be able to take advantage of prescriptions that last longer, savings on medication costs, and an improved patient experience with the smaller drop size.”

To stay up to date on new developments, follow Nanodropper on LinkedIn and Twitter, and Choice Eye Center on Facebook and Instagram.

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